Welcome to UC Berkeley's FlexPass Study Homepage

This study is for UC Berkeley employees currently holding C or F parking permits.

What are the purposes of this study?

This is an academic research study conducted by UCB's Department of Parking & Transportation in collaboration with UCB's XMobile Lab . FlexPass Plus continues the successful FlexPass study conducted in Spring 2015 with 400 of our employee permit holders. This latest study offers participants the opportunity to earn rebates for not parking on campus plus the opportunity to set the price of the rebate.

We are testing a new rebate system for campus parking permit holders. Current research questions include:

What will I be asked to do?

For participants who have gone through the FlexPass study in the Spring of 2015, please update your FlexPass smartphone App, log in with your existing username and accept the consent form appears on the App to participant into the FlexPassPlus study.

For new participants, there are two steps.You can do step 1 and then decide on step 2.

Step 1: Complete a 10-minute online survey. Your answers will guide the use of mobile technology for campus transportation.

Step 2: Install a mobile app on your smartphone and keep it running for the semester. The App can be completely passive, i.e, you need do nothing other than keep it running in the background. For further details click here . Watch this video to see how the app works!

If you participated in the Spring 2015 FlexPass study, please update your FlexPass smartphone App to the latest version. Then log in with your existing username and accept the consent form appears on the App to participant into the FlexPassPlus study. Watch this short video to see how to update your app.

What benefit will I receive for participating?

You will receive one $25 Amazon gift card for completing the registration survey and installing the App, and one $25 Amazon gift card for keeping the app running during the study and completing the exit survey. (The study runs through November 30, 2015). If you took part in the FlexPass study in the Spring of 2015 and completed the entry survey, you do not have to complete it again and are not eligible for one of the $25 Amazon gift cards.

All participants are eligible to earn rebates for not parking on campus on weekdays during the study period. (September 1 – November 30, 2015). Rebates will accumulate during the study period and be paid to participants via payroll in December 2015.

How do I earn the rebates?

You will want to open and use the app each time you want to bid to sell your parking back for a given day. (But remember, if you want to park on campus, you don’t need to do anything.) Once you open the app you will see the bid screen. Use the slider to select the dollar value to sell your parking back for that day, any number b/w 0 and 15. Once you have the dollar amount you want, press submit bid. 2 questions will pop up. Select your answers for both and press submit. Your answer to these questions are important in order for us to determine the effectiveness of the rebate system and do not effect the random number. After you answer the questions and submit, a random number will then be selected.

The lower your bid, the higher the chance of it being accepted. The higher you bid, the lower the chance of the bid being accepted. So, the best strategy is to bid the true dollar value you place on not parking

If the random number is higher than your bid, your bid is accepted, and you win the random amount listed. You are not allowed to park on campus. If you do, you may be subject to a citation. Your rebates will accumulate over the 3 month study period. You can see your rebate total on the home screen of the app.

If your bid is not accepted, meaning your bid was higher than the random number, you do not earn a rebate that day and are allowed to park on campus

What does the app do?

With your permission, the app will passively collect location data enabling the study team to discover parking shortages as they are happening, and find permit holders having to drive around looking for parking. You also use the App to claim your parking rebates in a few seconds if you are eligible. Data is encrypted and secured in IST's Cloud Computing Services .

What will researchers do with the data?

Data will not be shared with your supervisor or work unit. It will be used solely for research aimed at improving campus transportation services as stated in the Informed Consent Form .